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In the state of New York, a wrongful death is identified as a death brought on due to negligent, careless, or distracted actions of another individual. On the same note, if someone was injured on another person or company’s property and their injury resulted in the loss of their life, it would in fact fall under a wrongful death and selected surviving family members would then be authorized to proceed with filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the guilty party.

The best way to understand what a wrongful death, or fatal accident is, is by comparing it to a personal injury. While a person injury generally involves an individual who was harmed as result of another person, party, or entity’s negligent action, a wrongful death is a step further. If your loved one was harmed and then passed away as a result of any accident caused by someone else, an accidental death claim can legitimately be filed for damages and justice.

The law firms featured on want you to understand this as you may in fact be the eligible relative who can legally file a fatal accident lawsuit in New York.

In some instances, the wrongful person or entity will have their insurance company compensate those eligible for the damages brought on, or be held responsible to find another route in order for funds to be paid out, yet this task isn’t always easily accomplished when doing so on your own. This is where comes into the picture as we hold the key to providing you access to the top of the line wrongful death lawyers in New York who will fight for justice.

The life of your loved one could have been prevented had an employer taken care that their premises were safe, or a driver was practicing cautious and careful driving. The fact is, the unfortunate death of your loved one did occur, and we want you place your trust in our legal professionals to get the job done. All you need to do in order to get your accidental death lawsuit filed is to choose which New York wrongful death lawyer you want on your side who will serve as your legal voice.

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Don’t Wait. Your Time is Limited to File a Wrongful Death Claim

In the state of New York, you are given two years from the date of the deceased death to file a fatal accident claim. This is known as the statue of limitations and is important you file your claim or lawsuit within that given timeframe to ensure it is not thrown out and the justice as well as the compensation you are entitled to is received. Give us a call today so we can get your free, no-obligation consultation set up.