Miami Florida construction accident results in the deaths of two workers

Certain occupations such as construction work involve constant interaction with dangerous situations and hazardous materials. If someone is killed while working, it is possible to file a special type of civil lawsuit against the employer or the person responsible and make them pay for losses associated with the victim’s death.

A fatal accident that shut down part of Interstate 95 in Miami involved a construction road crew working near the highway.

Construction accident kills two workers when wall collapses

All of the express lanes on I-95 were totally shut down while police and emergency crews responded to the accident. Two road construction crew workers were killed in an accident near Northwest 62nd Street. The preliminary investigation revealed that a concrete wall fell on top of the two victims while they were working in the area. The Florida Highway Patrol stated that they were in the process of notifying family members about the accident. The identity of the victims was not released, and no further information about the cause of the incident or possible foul play was given.

Filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for a work accident

When someone is killed while working, it may be the responsibility of the employer, another business, or a person who has no relation to the work being done. In any of these scenarios, the person or entity who is at fault can be sued for killing the worker. There will usually be an investigation by the local fire department or police to help determine an exact cause and identify any parties that may be responsible. An attorney who handles civil injury cases can also do their own investigation to reveal more information. This civil lawsuit can be filed regardless of whether criminal charges are ever brought.

Wrongful death laws in Florida

The specific type of lawsuit that must be brought is called a wrongful death action. It is very similar to a personal injury or negligence case, but the main difference is that the plaintiff is no longer available to file the case on their own.

Florida has a specific wrongful death statute like every other state. There are some common features of these kinds of lawsuits around the nation. Usually a spouse, child, parent, or someone who was financially dependent on the victim will be the one to file the lawsuit on the deceased person’s behalf, within a year or two of the accident.

What kinds of costs must the defendant pay?

Wrongful death cases will force the defendant to pay for medical and hospital bills from the time of the accident until the victim’s death, and any future lost wages that the person could have earned through their job and other services. Funeral home costs and burial expenses can also be included in the damages that the defendant must pay to the victim’s family. Remember that in the case of a young victim or one with high earning potential, their potential wages for the rest of their life can be a huge amount.

Get assistance from a licensed attorney in Florida

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