California Man Went on Killing Spree Before Being Shot in a Shootout with Police


Kevin Neal has been identified as the perpetrator who went on a killing spree in California this past Tuesday. Fox News reported that Neal killed five individuals, one who happened to be his wife, and injured 10 others. As shocking as it might be, the details behind all that occurred with Neal will leave you appalled.


What Sparked Neal to Become Violent and Deadly?


Apparently, Neal had some issues with his neighbors in the past as he believed they were running a methamphetamine lab with fumes that were causing harm to his nine dogs. He was even arrested for stabbing one of his neighbors back in January. He went to jail where his mother posted his $160,00 bail and even paid $10,000 for a criminal defense lawyer.

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Neal’s sister spoke out after the incident claiming he struggled with mental illnesses for years now.

While a mother’s job is never done, even when her children are grown and making mistakes, Neal’s sister provided an in-depth insight into who Neal was. Sheridan Orr, the sister of Neal, told New York Daily News that her brother had a history of mental illness and struggled with it throughout his life. He had a violent temper and “confided in his mother on an almost daily basis.” His mother spent time calming him down when he would have his outbursts, but he continued on with his irrational and uncontrollable behavior.

Neighbors even claimed they had filed several complaints as well stating that he was shooting off hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Aside from the complaints, police responded to a domestic violence call the day before his outburst occurred.


Neal was not law enforcement friendly.


As the details unravel, it sounds as though Neal just finally couldn’t contain his anger any longer and his wife may have been his first victim.  According to the news source, his wife’s body was found under the floorboards in their home. Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston issued a statement saying, “We believe he cut a hole in the floor and literally put her body in the hole.”  Neal then proceeded to shoot two of his neighbors and steal another’s truck to venture out on his rampage.


After the wrongful death of his wife, he didn’t stop there.


Neal continued on his spree and killed several other adults at seven other locations. A surveillance video captured footage of Neal attempting to get into Rancho Tehama Elementary School, but the staff barricaded themselves in when they heard gunshots. Unfortunately, Neal was able to injure seven children, including a two-year old and a four-year old. One child is said to still be in critical condition according to NBC News.

Although Neal was not permitted to purchase a gun because of his recent encounter with police officials, he managed to make his own, with parts that were obtained in an illegal manner. Neal surely would have needed to hire a criminal defense attorney as the judge would have likely required him to spend the remaining years of his life behind bars.


With families broken and others puzzled at the incident, it is important to recognize that when someone has a mental illness and is struggling with it, that they get the necessary help to remedy the illness. This in return could help avoid situations where these individuals become harmful to others and decide to take innocent lives.