Losing a family member is never easy. If the loved one that passed away was a major financial contributor to the family than losing them can complicate life that much more. The good news is that anyone who has wrongfully lost a loved one will generally be allowed to make a financial claim against the party who was at fault.

Some scenarios in which a person will almost always be allowed to make a claim for a wrongful death include:

  • If their loved one was murdered or intentionally killed
  • If their loved one died due to medical malpractice
  • If their loved one passed away as a result of a car accident which was not entirely their fault
  • If their loved one died in a very open case of police brutality which is proven in court

In the above scenarios, a person should request the assistance of a wrongful death lawyer in Ft Myers, Florida to help them pursue litigation.  The psychological pain which comes after losing a family member is very intense on its own. Having to deal with the legalities, funeral costs, and lost income is a burden not many people can bear when they are going through so much emotional turmoil.

A legal representative can take care of all of the minor and major details so a person is able to grieve in peace and also so a person does not unjustly have to deal with such a sudden financial blow to their lives.

What will I have to prove in order to get compensated?

When it comes to wrongful death lawsuits, a person will have to prove the same factors that the victim would have had to prove were they still alive. They would, first of all, have to prove that the individual who caused their death owed them some sort of care and was negligent.

For instance, in a medical malpractice claim, they would have to prove that the doctor actually agreed to treat the patient and that their carelessness lead to the death of the person. Another example would be in a car accident claim, they would have to prove that the other driver had actually been driving and that they had violated safety or traffic rules which resulted in the death of the family member.

Another factor which will have to be proven is that the damages they are claiming were actually caused by the loss of the family member. If they want to claim loss of income they need to prove how much the family member used to contribute to their finances. If they want to claim loss of expected inheritance they have to prove how much the family member was expected to have received had he or she lived.

Other common damages include medical bills of the deceased person from when they were hospitalized before their death and also funeral expenses as well. A legal representative can assist a person in collecting the required documentation and presenting it in court in order to win the approval of the judge and jury.